Delhi To Bangalore Rajdhani


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The Jorhat-Guwahati Janshatabdi Express, Bangalore-Agartala Humsafar Express.

up and down Dibrugarh-Murkongselek passenger.

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Overbridge collapse derails train services in Odisha – Bhubaneswar-New Delhi Rajdhani Express, Yeshvantpur-Kamakhya Express via Jakhpura-Jaroli-Adra, Puri-Anand Vihar Terminal.

Citizenship Act protests: Trains to and fro Assam cancelled, short terminated – The Jorhat – Guwahati Janshatabdi Express, Bangalore – Agartala Humsafar Express.

up and down Dibrugarh – Murkongselek passenger would not be operated on Saturday and Sunday. The Rajdhani Express.